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Concert Review: Riot Fest

When somebody says legends of rock, of course they’re going to mention the ones who’s names and sounds blew up, like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Doors. However, people don’t often mention the punk scene and all it contributed to the history of music. Well, Riot Fest made it a point to bring the legends of punk to these three stages and in doing that, managed to showcase bands like Iggy Pop and the Stooges, The Replacements, AFI, Rocket From The Crypt, all among many other bands, and this is just the first day. Needless to say, Riot Fest did their homework and showed some major chops in the team they assembled. Not to mention the festivities they had arranged around the grounds as well. With some amazing food and dessert stalls, a Ferris Wheel, carnival games, and […]

Album Review – Settle

This week’s lucky pick from the magical audio box in the KMet studio caught me by surprise. This is a house favorite, a sub-genre of electronic and dance; Disclosure’s latest album Settle debuted in May 2013. The brotherly duo behind Disclosure is brilliant, synthesizing smooth beats and overzealous rhythms that leave the listener subconsciously in time. Howard and Guy Lawrence, 18 and 21, are some of the youngest forerunners of modern electronica. The album has been described as pop-dance in nature, almost a disappointment to some of the purist fans who hoped for less loops and simple tracks. I, too, felt the monotonous drag from time to time. This being said, it would appear, if anything, that Settle shows a varied setlist. Some of my favorites include “Stimulation”, “You & Me”, and “Confess to Me”. For lack of a better word, these three songs captivated […]

Concert Review: The Weeknd with Banks

If ever there was a time I was attending a concert completely blind of the artists in the lineup, this was it. What I found was quite unexpected. Upon my arrival to 1st Bank Center, I am greeted with a view of a fandom cackling and ranting about the artist playing tonight, noting their style likening to that of club goers and bar hoppers on late Friday and Saturday nights. Men in baggy jerseys with backwards/askew trucker and baseball caps, women in tight fitting leggings and cocktail dresses with heels higher than a Colorado resident, and everybody swishing around cocktails and jewelery. Beyond the crowd, outside the building, I notice four golden numbers on a tent, “107.5″. It was then that I realized what kind of show I was in for…or so I thought.   I was surprised to see […]

Snowboard on the Block

This past Saturday’s highlights (September 14, 2013) included Snowboard on the Block, a combination snowboard/gear sale, snow/skate competition, and music festival. KMet affiliates, myself included, surveyed the scene – which took up an expansive four block radius at 36th and Larimer – and set to work.   In two adjacent vendor lots were built a half-pipe and snowboard ramp, the many prepared skaters and boarders taking every opportunity to carve while others perused the merch and sales tents. At every vendor there seemed to be a prize; take a chance, spin a wheel, and the average person was walking away with bundles of free swag (how do mini-backpacks, drink tickets, and concert tickets sound to you?). With the right amount of luck one could even spin for two free RiotFest tickets. In the core snowboard gear shop was perhaps the […]